Who says that making a deal with the devil doesn’t always end well. In the story of Diablo & Son’s, the outcome seems to be the rare occasion where it does. In 2018, Owners Jami Adams and Dave Krick asked themselves, “What would it be like if the devil himself opened a saloon?” Saloons, notorious for being immoral havens for prostitution, gambling, and lawlessess, seemed like the perfect setting for the devil to cause a little havoc in Downtown Boise. The space was built with the devil’s exquisite tastes in mind: burnt wood paneling, gold infused marble counters, an open flame pit, loud pink corset chairs, and the world’s largest collection of Czech side-pull beer faucets. No expense was spared.

With such an eccentric concept, the menu was curated around sourcing local ingredients from the Treasure Valley. The American cuisine was inspired by “El Pollo Rey,’’ the family-owned Mexican restaurant who previously inhabited the space. Giving a nod to its predecessor, Diablo has blended tacos and entrées alike to present a menu emphasized by the flavors created over a raw flame. The distinctive cocktails, spirits, and long list of draught beer pair well with any flame grilled item on our menu. A great place to belly up at the bar or just lounge in an 18th-century-inspired prostitute chair, Diablo is a great place to make a deal with the devil without the consequences.